Jayshri Propack is the premier manufacturer and distributor of Barrier Flexible Packaging. Our team has decades of combined industry experience and we focus our time in offering the most technologically advanced films. Through combination of complex polymer science and state of the art proprietary water quenched technology we offer high performance films. Customers are requesting complex films with highest quality. Satisfying them with the right product mix will always be our priority. We focus our resources on producing food packaging. 90 percent of our business is in consumer food markets. We currently extrude 3, 5, and 7 layer films. JPPL has the capibility to extrude, laminate, convert and print all of the films that we produce. We look forward to earning your business.

Our new production line along with our material structure program provides ability to produce robust films. The new generation of films under the brand name JAQVA+ films are predominately used for retail product presentation due to their remarkable clarity and transparency.