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Edible Oil & Ghee Packaging

5-layer Nylon film

PE / TIE / PA / TIE / PE

In a country like India the idea of reducing the unit size is to make it more affordable and Increased market penetration, has been a great success. With the same idea today we provide films for packing of Oil & Ghee in 100ml, 200 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml

Why 5 layer Nylon film?

All kinds of edible oil can be packed in 5 Layer Nylon film.
Longer Shelf life up to 9 Months and beyond can be achieved
Option of Lower Micron
Excellent Ink Resistance Printing
Easy to set and run on vertical form filling machine
Better yield resulting in higher out put
Economical & Recyclable
Protective and temper Proof
Excellent seal Strength & Puncture resistance

5 Layer film V/S Pet Bottle:

Higher cost of Pet Bottles on comparison to the Nylon based pouch
Higher Transportation Cost – both empty & packed
Large volume hence more storage space required prior to packing
Higher logistic cost due to large volume required.
Multiple processes in packing i.e. capping and sleeves around the bottle
Fear of Contamination as empty bottles are transported in open conditions.
Label / Sticker cost is added.


Layers - 5 layers
Thickness - 72 to 120 Micron
Deckle – Up to 1600mm
Color – Clear, white opaque, translucent
Printing - Rotogravure Press (1 – 8 colors)

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