Jayshri Propack

About us

About us

Jayshri Propack Manufacture’s Co - extruded multilayer films, fine tuned with the barrier characteristics best suited to your application. The precise recipe begins with a proper resin selection that balances all the performance characteristics of EVOH, Nylon, and many other engineered materials.

We manufactures films that gives brands, products, companies a competitive edge, greater shelf life, improved functionality and better economics – the most important reasons brand owners and co-packers select us for their packaging needs.

Through our commitment and dedication we have established a firm position within the market, the skilled team here at Jayshri Propack gives us a varied diversification and allows the company to offer many products to service the requirements that our valued Customers expect.

Our strength lies in the powerful synergy of our skilled personnel, advance technology and proven commitments towards quality and sustainable products.


To provide innovative and sustainable flexible packaging solution through a continues process of improvement.

To deliver flexible packaging solutions “on time”, “every time” and “anywhere in the world”.


To be known as an inventor and a leading worldwide supplier of flexible packaging solutions for food, beverages and industrial products.


At JayshriPropack packaging solution are based on 3P’s: Protection, Preservation, and Promotion.